Creating A Recipe for Creative and Artistic Commercial Success

 Technology is changing the way we earn from our creativity. Opening doors and forging new paths. I explore  Creative Industrialism.  I  don’t often speak  or even think of what 10 years have accomplished.  Creative under my guidance have made the following reports as to the effect of the advice they took. $7,000 investment led to … Continue reading

Eliceo Rodriguez’s Digital Photography Workshops

The above images  were shot with a two lenses 300 mm lens @5/6 and an 18-55 mm lens@5/6, 11, 2.8 and shot at a speed of of 100 That I  even know that these exist and what they mean I can credit to A colleague;- Eliceo Rodriquez has been a photographer for almost 49 Years. He spent … Continue reading

Open House to experience the Sewing and Technique Workshops

This is what  the designer/instructor Tenneh Wilkins of  House of Rubi made while demonstrating the  techniques for the Fabulous Fabric Shoes Covering Workshop” and  “Make A Cute & Stylish Clutch Bag” workshop.  In this era of the creative we’re collaborating with the Esaie Couture Design School to teach DIY classes and to encourage those who want … Continue reading

Social Style™ Project is a CLASS IN CONTEXT™

Social Style™ is a CLASS IN CONTEXT™ aimed at getting  the maker, the technologist and the consumer on the same page! it is about using the technology as well as understanding the traditional skill of references in this case in Fashion shopping (or voyeurism) Finally tired of seeing the “does this fit me” post, and replies … Continue reading

Social Commerce- Let Your Brand Story Reek of Truth!

The line that caught my eyes, stated “Did you know, there are currently 165 monarchies in Africa?” At first glance it seemed genuine and so I shared, technically other than poor SEO practices, there does not seem to be much at first glance. However I also saved it to read the story more closely… To … Continue reading

Social Commerce- What They Don’t Teach You at YouTube University

There is only so much you can learn at “The University of  Youtube”!  The young man that brought this to  light was earnest and frank in his assessment of what he needed. He had learned screen-printing using  lessons on YouTube. Now in “business” for himself he realized he needed a hands on class, mentors with  experience, and … Continue reading

Social Commerce – Telling Your Products story – How to

You are proactively selling when sharing your design story.  I’ll say it again, You are not giving away a favor to editors , when you share, or by allowing others to share your story! Marketing cost and if I, or anyone else, offer to help you market understand the value of that! Yes your design has a story… Social … Continue reading

Social Commerce- Spotting Poor Construction and Bad Fit

Buyers do not care what the press says, they want items that move off the rack and do not  return. If the images here look OK .. they are not, you need this workshop. Fit and construction are key. Yes this is another workshop, with two versions. One for consumers who are purchasing and a second for … Continue reading

Sample Product Listing Guide

Information should be included  that would inform, a potential  buyer on the product. IF not in the posting on the social network, then on the product page of your site (recommended) . Choose an e-commerce or blog system, system that allows multiple images- above is a simulation of gallery system with feature image! The following is … Continue reading