Take a look at these Badasse designers!

The times they are a-changin’.

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I find myself writing a proposal that would create a world stage for designers. As always I lead with the why… hence   a few days ago I  spent my morning  “babbling” to myself!

Why would target consumers be  interested  subject in this badasse group, B.A.D.A.S.S.E is an  acronym for Business, Art, Design, Apparel, Styling , Sustainability and “Ein”-trepreneurship.

  • is it simply their product?
  • is  process magnetic enough?
  • Are they engaging?’
  • “Can they command an audience?”
  • “Do they have “personality?”

I find myself asking those questions again as the  interest in the concept pitched is rising. This is personal, most people walk down the corridor and “bounce’ into colleagues. mine pop up on Facebook, Skype and Gtalk,  from Trinidad, St. Lucia, Paris, Nigeria Senegal LA, Atlanta, Staten Island or Brooklyn.  I can recognize their garments not by a tag but because they each have a unique aesthetic… 

Let me introduce you to a few of them!

First up
Robert Anthony Young is an artist using prints to create the collages that define his collection of men and women’s contemporary clothing accessories, and even soft furnishing!  Like his page The Cloth and check out his clothing!

NextMike Sylla Paris France

From Paris emerge Mike Sylla an artist singer and designer his clothing are one of a kind, hand-painted gems! His images burst forth from warm palettes under his label Baifall Dream he is spear-heading an agenda of inclusion with AFRO FREE MARKET (PARIS LES 6 & 7 AVRIL 2013)!!! and AFRO Fashion WEEK


Finally Esther Joseph, Queen Esther of Kuumba Designs
Esther Joseph, St. Lucia’s Queen Esther as we affectionately call her is a little harder to define, her signature is mastery of techniques, whether it is hand crotchet or using local indigenous plants as fabrics, she yields the highest standards of craftsmanship for her Kuumba Designs label! Masters of the arts she always willingly waves the banner for other designers… through her i was made aware of the work of Trinidad’s Shaun Griffith Perez and Jamaica’s Bill Edwards and others! Whenever I’m about to say “to hell with it all” she will reach out through skype with an enthusiastic word of encouragement!Her Brand statement ;-

Sustainable and in harmony with her environment!  The Crochet inspired by Stinging Nettle and executed by local women bringing vital employment to the region!

Now many of these masters have not mastered the technology and while you all Know Jonathan Adewumi‘s work from Nigerian Fashion and Fabric label in the leading magazines of the 80’s and 90’s, yet I’m hard pressed to show an emerging generation his legacy!  I wish he’d set up a page with some of their images so I can share! which is another common trait of these masters of the Art… Now back in his native Nigeria he is working to improve the sector there. THEY ALL ARE ACTIVE ADVOCATES!

There are others, Staten Island’s Welcome To Pharaonicorp, (urban wear designer) Trinidad’s Jacqueline Charles (jewelry Designer), Not sure where Jessie-Ann Jessamy‘s (Textile Designer ) studio is at, or for that matter master Textile designer’s Ghanaian N’ketiah Brakohiapa purveys his collection. we have a wealth of exceptional talent I want to create a unique platform for!

Somehow the outdoor fairs and poor excuses for “Fashion Weeks” do not seem a fitting platform for that talent! What I really fantasize about, Dream of, is getting them all in one space, onto one show & sale platform. It is not just my idea of heaven. I’m often asked by others, “where can I find or “How can I get that?”

Even as part of this circle it’s difficult to find someone or a specific product when you need it!  Independence is a double-edged sword and until creative realize that individually they are simply “high quality  grains but collectively they can  make one heck of a loaf of bread”, there is little that can be done.

As I  found myself reaching out for support for this sector,   I was asked the above questions.

I smiled; they have no idea what they are asking!

Each one of these people has a viewpoint… that’s why they are artist in their genres! They are NOT afraid to stand on their own convictions! This group of characters I count as colleagues are FASCINATING! There must be others and I’m  l looking to identify other “Masters of the Art” who operate on a local level in Fashion, textiles, home and accessories in their local sector who have a global reach.



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