Take Your Business Presentation Mobile or Outdoors- IDEAS for Presefy-ing your Biz

The times they are a-changin’.

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I”ll need to keep  attendees in several parts of the globe or city on the same page! So I’ve been looking  for a distance presentation tool and this (https://presefy.com/#/register/5150c9856ded849d08033f11) is one I’m really  looking forward to see grow … I have been playing with it  and thus far it has been one of the easiest to navigate… It’s still in beta and so they still have not  only a free option, which will give you access to two presentations, but use this link on sign up to get a third free!

Most tele-presence or tele-conferencing tools offer a presentation format. The challenge has been navigating on one screen and keeping all attendees on the same page! Enter Presefy available on most mobile browsers and as well as the  Chrome. Their apps for IOS and Android should be coming  soon!

Apart from general slide presentations for your typical business presentation here are some suggestions for use

Sales pitch

IDEAS for presefying your Biz

  1. Classes workshops;- Do you see what I’m saying?” .. I’ve facilitate long distance learning since 2006 and some students still insist on seeing my face which makes switching  back and forth between  presentations a little difficult . now my  biggest problem is prepping the slides for each  workshop Once (ok maybe twice for maximum effect!)  I simply  need go  live and control teh  c’lass’ conference or presentation”
  2. Wedding , Funeral, Etc;- Commemorate lifes moments and save cost  will allowing downloads for a great keep sake
  3. Theater – ;- Program guide and notes so everyone follow program(allow Download as a Playbill) 
  4. Church;- Lead your Sermon (download as a study guide ) 
  5. Group Tours-  because you control The  browser experience you can control access and time the slides to coincide with  the gems along the route!
  6. Cooking classes- (in Participants own Kitchen)
  7. Sewing Classes – Put the instructor on speaker and use teh slide as a guide

look  i think you get that I love this tool! anything  you can do across a table or desks, where diagrams and notes enhance the experience… Presefy promises

Challenge with Beta version- Three things that will make this irreplaceble

  1. Clickable links- Thus far I have not been able to click on links so make sure you have relevant material  at hand. and use short URL (note whether case sensitive) 
  2. Controlling zoom.. so I can see or read specific part of slides on smaller screens
  3. Ability to add or make Notes! while in a presentation

A word on maximizing your viewers experience!

The beauty is that  this  gives you control via your mobile browser so you can  use any  conferencing voip or phone tool to conduct your meeting- simply point the other parties to  a unique url and Voila who needs a conferencing room.the Unique URl is inactive till you start  your presentation. You can also set  permissions as to whether or not you allow downloads!

Your party may be on a small screen or not so smart phone so keep slides simple and text  large and easy to read.  

They will have to  refresh their browser once you  go  live and sometimes even refresh their cache and you may need to  remind them.  recommend chrome browsers if they are using  the web to access!

Slide creations

Use the Google Drive to create PDF’s or Presentations


Things change after BETA so sign up now… remember the free gmail apps I kept telling you about now they are $50 a year… per user!

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