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wrapping style seminar We’re in the height of the Creative Revolution, and i find myself encouraging creatives to explore their product services and merchandise both offline and online! That includes teaching seminars and/or workshops.

Today we held a session on that very subject, speaking of the process in an offline or as some say a “real world” setting. Ever cognizant of the importance of technology and the digital space for creatives we’ll be taking a look at opportunities and tools! Which means prepping! I’ve decided to follow the suggestions to update an existing product. So the niche is sustainable clothing The product “Wraps” and “convertible clothing” My original “Wrap Session” centered around a three piece wrap set and was designed based on customer request!! I even wrote a manual which I never printed and have since misplaced! So this is a perfect “homework assignment, not to mention it give me a chance to (re)write the book on wrapping!

“Wraps” are one of the most sustainable apparel styling options and range from no sew versions that use purely organic shapes to create clothing and accessories or sewn (fully or semi)item with “convertible” panels that are wrapped to create alternative styling options! put y0urself on the list to be notified of actual workshops

First step- the layout what is entailed and possible interest groups! My tasks put all that I know on the subject into digestible bites, and use technology to do this! This workshop, while a practical guide for spring summer dressing is also a very great study of Fabric drape around the body and a creative design technique! It is also a product often requested by customers and so a great project to test the suggestions discussed in our “Teach your passion seminar”! As such I’m reworking this presentation in line with our discussions for creatives establishing teaching or workshops in their portfolio… so excited!

One for the Earth day weekend events!

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