This is a three month  #Creativetech Digital Openlab on how to do leverage technology to create a profitable creative Enterprise.

  • 15-20 minute one on one sessions
  • Niche specific  Businesstech research  guides and exploraton
  • Daily task to shift  your workload management practices
  • Group brainstorming sessions  attend live or listen on demand
  • Focus blog/videoPost  & discussions
  • Weekly Niche specific  Businesstech research  guides and exploraton

If you have a creative skill;- photography, videography, yous sew, chrochet, quilt, sing, dance Spoken word, written  word, can cook, infact if you have any talent related to Food Fashion, Art, Music and Entertainment, and have been thinking of a creative enterprise then this is for you!

Make the shift – beyond e-commerce and social. Do It with tech shows you how to adapt, technology through out your workflow! This 3 month Virtual Open lab (January-March 2015) will give you the tools to manage and execute Formulated as guided weekly sessions with group workshops and one on one sessions. You do the work at your own pace with support. Whether just strating out or upgrading; whether you choose to hire a web developer or attempt to “DIY”, Define:-

  • Concept development – Learn to create Unique Ideas and Approaches to “Needs and desires”
  • Consumer Deveopment  identify  your potential market
  • Product development – Create Product, Service, merchandise that sel
  • Costing & Pricing for profit
  • Presenting , showcasing and selling offline an& Online –
  • Choose a digital strategy works for you? Is a website an App or a “Facebook page” the right choice?
  • Maximize, & measure   your efforts – “doing social right”?
  • Designed so that the nontechie. dialogue and communicat effectively with and about tech?
  • Strategize- What do you need to doNext
  • Deliver – What do those you interact with need to accomplish?
  • Time is Money- Explore lean stratup (bootstrapping) & effective time management!

Participants  needs will shape the final sessions.

  • Reality check  an environment for success- funding, financing scheduling  prepare &
  • Establish timetable/schedule
  • Streamline and OWN your contacts social media channels and list
  • Rethink , Integratie  & Connect i your Offline and Online Points of selling
  • Product development –  Intro to the product development process fashion, home, music, food,Understand Define your product/service merchandise mix and menu
  • Learn  “Tech Speak” understand what you  need and how to communicate that to a “techie”
  • Learn to Build and maintaining a FREE  website  with Ecommerce capabilities
  • “PRACTICAL PERSONA PROFILING – how to map -who is your cohort groups
  • CREATIVE BUSINESS STORYTELLING   –  Media designed to sell  on a budget-communicate via Images, Text,  Audio,  Video for
  • Authentic branding- Communicating the why your values and value , your values,  vision,
  • Test our VIRTUAL CREATIVITY LAB –  a virtual take on our  concept development  workshop.
  • TECHNICAL PRODUCT DESIGN assistance-  Got an idea can’t  execute the technical prototype –  Outline creative and techncal specs – Fashion, Accessories & Soft goodhink “manufacturing  & production”
  • DIGITAL TOOLBOX – to help save time and money
  • Explore all that  you can  do with technology

This page extend the offer to december 31st for designers artisans and crafters


  • No refunds but  credit  will be given to amount for those who cancel byofficial  cancellation date
  • Credite will be issued to those who cancel on or before December 28th 2014

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