On the 4th day of #techmas @badassebs sent to me 4 ‘Curation” Gems

The times they are a-changin’.

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I blog as well curate – Essential I curate as I research but lately curation is proving a very powerful tool.. For those unfamiliar with “curation”.  I’ll refer to the Wikipedia description

“Digital curation is the selection, preservation, maintenance, collection and archiving of digital assets. Digital curation establishes, maintains and adds value to repositories of digital data for present and future use. This is often accomplished by archivists, librarians, scientists, historians, and scholars”

It’s a four part process, I source information, I organize under topics as a social networking protocol,  I then share and finally  I monitor engagement. It’s an evolving process  sthat ounds complicated but I’ve come across four tools which really simplify things.

On the 3rd day of #techmas @badassebs sent to me, 3 audio-text converters

On the 2nd day of #techmas @badassebs sent to me, 2 image viewers 

On the 1st day of #techmas @badassebs sent to me,  1 Video Special



Source – Organize- Share- Monitor,
Scoop.it the curation all in one.

www.scoop.it is designed to discover, curate and publish great content to many develop their visibility online, demonstrate thought leadership, generate leads or educate their audience. By itself it is an effective tool even the free program. Their panel allows you to  source relevant info, Horganize ad share, however I find actually scrolling through that finding that info time consuming and repetitive since most articles apply to different topics.

That where I turn to another new “kid on the block”


Feedspot http://www.feedspot.com/ is a modern rss reader. I can quickly scroll through all articles from my Favorite content portals as well as keywords and hachtags and then use scoop to curate. sourcing is tough if you have an article that’s suited to  any of my scoop topics feel free to  submit via my CONTACT FORM


Scheduled Sharing

Scoop allows or sharing but the short span that items stay prominent in of social media feeds mean items can be missed.  That’s where Buffer comes in Buffer allows you to schedule your social media post. Conveniently Buffer is integrated into the Scoop sharing panel.. so with one click, I’m a curation sharing ninja! www.buffer.com


Or so I think… it seems that my numbers on Scoop.it is growing, so too is engagement on most social networks- specifically around what is shared. So how do I track…

Monitor- Social media metrics

I’m not really big on social media metric numbers can confuse and data analysis can mislead. That is till I came across Sumall… I’m still new to this platform, but there is something intuitive to its interface. In 2014 I plan to delve into this gem- www.sumall.com


About 12 Days of Techmas Curations– Each year I “gift” technology. This year I’m curating and distributiong via my topics on Scoop it- http://sco.lt/7bQfAX . Each “gift” looks at technology that can be added to the modern business person’s digital toolbox.  Check out and Follow my scoops at http://www.scoop.it/u/bonnie-sandy

“What would you do with technology if you could!” explore teh concepts online –

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