On the 9th day of #techmas @badassebs sent to me, 9 Video Portals

The times they are a-changin’.

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On the 8th day of #techmas @badassebs sent to me, 9 Video Portals

8 Digital Library Tips 

7 presentation Options

6 Imaging Solutions

5 time management tools

4 ‘Curation” Gems

3 audio-text converters

 2 image viewers 

1 Video Special


Everyone needs to thing about video in their business model.When I decided to “gift” this list. I checked to ensure the sites were still valid. In researching I came acrossa site that  showed almost 2500 video startups with an average valuation of 3.9 million!  Among the existing platforms were video companies specializing in monetizing, discovering, curating, advertising and marketing.  editing, processing, streaming, conferencing, animating, storytelling. collaborating, presenting, teaching, telepresence, interviewing, crowdfunding, monitoring, lifeblogging,  gaming, discovering, analyzing, broadcasting, distribution and streaming – (live, on demand, real-time, asynchonous, interactive, simultcast…  across all niches and sub niches.
I stuck to just 9 solutions but if you add your name to the email subscription list at the bottom left of this page (footer at www.bonniesandy.com) we’ll be sending out more info in our newsletter and hosting  discussions specific to this. 
So I  actually had to refresh and again familiarize myself with the players.
Here are 9 noteworthy  video examples of what is possible. 
Content curation and distribution
1- Vyer Film is an Indie Film Catalogue – More than distribtution for independent films, they connect with audiences. 70% of our revenue is remitted back to the filmmakers, which means we return more money per subscription than any other streaming service. http://www.vyerfilms.com/
  • What  they do – aggregate video streamed content
  • Business model Subscription
2- Screening  rooms for creators – Repurposing of video in real time.. Videos shown are never archived, and the experience you have – with real-time audience chat, creator Q&A, and posted photos – is entirely unpredictable. Make money by turning your footage into a digital show. www.2ndline.tv 
  • What they do – repurpose video content
  • Revenue commissions on ticket sales
3- Creative live is a video learning portal for creatives. Presenting  workshops by experts viaTelepresence- video on demand enabled interactive global classroom www.CreativeLive.com
  • What they do Live and ondemand video classes
  • Business model -freemium –  
4- Video conferencing, cloud based platform for meeting seminars with up to  4 speakers –  native support on mobile devices and international call in, video chat – screen sharing – collaboration free up to 250 attenees and 4 “presenters”. Allows users to chark attendees. www.cliqmeet.com 
  • What they  do –  Telepresence confernce management
  • Business model Freemium, advertising

5- A learning Mnagement stystem thatis revolutionizing online video for education. Teachers, trainers, and content publishers use Zaption’s intuitive web app to quickly add images, text, quizzes, and discussions to existing videos from YouTube, Vimeo and private video libraries.  Video learning management – Teachers, trainers, and content publishers use Zaption’s intuitive web app to quickly add images, text, quizzes, and discussions to existing videos from YouTube, Vimeo and private video libraries…. http://www.zaption.com/  

  • What they  do Video enable  learning management system
  • Business model freemium…
Distribution management
6- Pivot share helps media creators and publishers sell their digital video content direct to their audiences, on it’s platform or your their site. No upfront or recurring cost  www.Pivotshare.com
  • What they do – Allow consumers to buy, rent or subscribe to premium content
  • Business model Commissions
Presentaion Formats.
7- SHOWstudio opens up the studio of designers and artists, allowing everyone to not only witness the creative process, but to respond and contribute creatively, documenting, communicating and evaluating the results. Essentially it is a modern fashion presentation gallery, platform, studio, offered in a digital  format. Since 2000 they have explored the moving image in the digital age
  • What they do;- The Studio &  art gallery  model digitized. 
  • Business model Sponsorships, product placement, product/merchandise sales etc
Niche newscasting – 
8- TVM
http://www.thatvideomagazine.com/ Digital digital video news resource for Houston, Texas and New York covering the Indie and underground art, lifestyle and cultural scenes 
http://www.houstonbusinessweekly.com/  – digital video news resource for Houston, Texas that accepts guest submissions about the latest startups, small businesses, corporate movement, tips, insights, press
  • What they do – cover and present local, original content and  Crowdsourced local video based news aggregator.
  • Business Model – sponsorship, advertising, aditorial… live streaming events/hosing and sales


LIve streaming Concerts

9- Irocke is  hub for live streaming music concerts. While they do not themselves host livestreaming events, the site features embedded live streams from such sources as Ustream, YouTube and Justin.tv…  Irocke invite link  

  • Agregator of live streaming events


I started looking at video  for the creative cottage industry in 2006/7 and was able to stream video footage when my brother wrote one of the first video plugins for Mambo (now Joomla).  I remember really being discouraged when a  colleague told me then,  that video would never  “sell fashion”. Yet in  Feb 2011  I spoke at the first TV Goes Social event. . In the summer of 2011 I turned on a Mac and streamed an in house fashion show live from a Brooklyn Boutique. That came only by exploring “live video”  with other artisans soince 200 8/9. It culminated in 2011 when I helped dancers hack (DanceHackit)  together a live simultcast, asynchonous (we learned the lingo)  Improv, bringing dancers from 4 “hubs”across US, Africa, and the Caribbean dancing to  one track streamed via Skype, live, in real time, to viewers across the globe. Today  there is still a lot to  do, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination..
We knew it  could be done… the  challenge then and now is not just developing an ecosytem to sustain the shift but helping our creative BELIEF there can  be leaders witin this sector and giving them the tools and support to  build out! Since 2011 my focus has been on exploring what was needed to develop various aspects of that ecosystem.

When I  started compiling this list a lot of the companies I was familiar with those  I met circa 2009-11 at various NY  industry meeting, conferences and meetups were out of  business. Not because there concepts were invalid but the ecosystem needed to support them  did not exist! Even today  you’d be surprised how many video ‘experts” have no idea of the scope and potential and with Android Tv set to be on TV sets by next year… well! 

Here are few of my  favorites that no longer exist! 

  • www.constellation.tv a virtual video cinema for indie films – scheduled life stream of indie films that  could have been be viewed virtually with frinds/audience across the globe. 
  • Www.VYou.com their video selfie platform  took you inside the creator’s space… 
  • www.Vokle.com live broadcasting  station think talk radio with video. 
  • www.turntable.com lifestreamed  concert  platform 
  • www.Shelby.tv Shelby TV took videos from across the web and organizes them based on the user’s preference
  •  We all can still benefit from these concepts.  So how do we make “potential” part of our culture. 


ADAPTING AND ADOPTING  technology in to your workflow. 

I am surpriesed how many, even video professionals are  NOT  AWARE of the inricacies and opportunities. Video is not just for marketing. it is one of our ESSENTIAL  digital communication tools

Our Fashiontech Openlab is really  a creative tech opportunity as we will explore the pros cons how to and impact of these technologies on our business models. Just in video alone the core basic types, one needs to simple grasp is the type of videos that can be created, be they;-

Interactive – #connected – #adaptive- #haptic (think – medical & sex industry ). As well as 

Review, Testimonial, Viral, Video blog. Experiential video (think creative/sensory videos)

Can the customer seethe info across all their devices and what is the workflow needed to achieve the desired result!

Apart from  “Making and Marketing” there is the hosting, encoding, transcoding. tracking, distributing. All before you  can consider :-  “is it worth the expense” or rather how can we realistically adopt new technologies.


About 12 Days of Techmas Curations
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