Technology and The Dream a Look Ahead on The 50th Anniversary Of the March on Washington

The times they are a-changin’.

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the 50th celebration of I have a dream and technologyAugust 28th is the 50th Anniversary of the  march on Washington & Dr King’s “I have a dream speech”

from across the US  we pulled  together  a group of Black Tech and advocacy leaders for a Google Hangout on air to discuss “Technology &  It’s Role in Facilitating The dream. Event Invite Technology  & The dream,
Join us online, live
August 28th 2013. 8-10pm EST for A Google Hangout On air 

One of my  goal is to bring these key  figures to awareness to the broader community as well as identify  resources and resource personnel.  I really  would love to get  a more intimate glimpse into the tech, innovation and startup scene and to expose other Blacks male and female and youth working in that area.

Confirmed Panelist
  • Panelist
    • Andreas T. Jackson Digital media specialist
    • Hershel Daniels Junior
    • Jim Neusome UrbanTechFfair
    • Kalimah Priforce
    • Lionel Spearman Top Flight
    • Michael Green
    • Monique Berry Black Data Processing Associates BDPA
    • Patrick Diamitani  NYC student at St. John’s  pursuing the Startup dream 
    • Wesley “CAP” KABAILA Friends of the African Union USA Bureau
    • Bonnie Sandy TibiaeTech
 The image feature Ms Alma Carrol  wife of jazz singer Joe carrol and a civil and community right  activist  since the 1950’s . She is one of my mentors, now in her late 80’s, she always would ask…  “what’s in our hands” and shared the following perspective

“Stop your whining,” she said, “You enjoy access we gained in the civil rights era, with little more than a flier we put together by hand and the hope someone would print it at night. Stop your whining… You have Fb, twitter websites, emails and you complain about lack of press. “

well for many of us technology is in our hands… and i decided to  use one of the newest  to shape Google hangout , to continue a dialogue  among  black leaders in tech  across the web.  Google hangouts  allow for live streaming  and recording thereby increasing access. really  would love to get  a glimpse into the tech, innovation and startup scene and to expose others.  t is the continuation of a discussion gaining  ground. On June 20th  I  spoke at Microsoft NY’s head quarters to The leadership of  Black Data  Processor association 

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