This is Not My Mamma’s Business- The Challenge of Taking The Boutique Sector Digital

The times they are a-changin’.

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I miss the Boutique experience!While I am A trained designer my  roots lie in the  bespoke custom design sector… It’s my  passion. It’s the passion of many  who travel across state-lines, borders and oceans from to get that  dress Fashion Tourism!

This year along with some partners we aim to bring that sector online!

I am a third generation  custom bespoke designer.  Across the world women head “Back Home’ or to special  designer adept in servicing the needs of their culture and body types!  It has been a social  commerce platform way before Social media was adapted!

As of December 2011  I  retired my exploration to  take on  the challenge of creating a solution!

The Bespoke custom  design  market across the globe is untapped as far as the technological growth and advancement  goes!  Few even knows it exist and the  numbers are extremely  under reported! I had already  written this post when I decided to add a response to an Elevator Pitch on BOF!

the concept seems sound given  that it is India and production is strong … what is missing though is the  fact that many travel for a specific purpose… we want to  fit our garment and ensure It’s JUST RIGHT!

With our network we can get Local designers to make the  adjustments when the garments are shipped but we are even  speaking about the vast differences in  sizing or measuring techniques1

We have experience in This Brooklyn Serves as a Local global center with traveler across the US coming to  Brooklyn to  be fitted by  a native from their country or a local  designer living in NY!

Still  though  each designe,r each  store has a vibe that’s half the fun! There is so Much to cover. Fashion technology is not retail technology!

Retail Solutions do not  serve (all the needs of a ) fashion  businesses!  Granted all businesses eventually have to trade so retail eventually becomes a factor!

But first  You need to create the fashion. There is so much  hype for  example…

Almost All  garments are made by  hand…  and DIY is simply  survival in many  societies! As for “one off” and “Bespoke”, they’re simply the norm  for my mom and others in her circle!

I am A 3rd generation  Bespoke Custom Dressmaker, I’m also a trained fashion designer … and have been flying the fashion Banner in NY Tech  scene for the last 7 years.


Still sometimes i have to sit back and think things through!

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