To hell with @KLout- I Am $3,500,000 of Creative-Fashion-Maker-Tech-Entrepreneurial-Industrial Machinery and I need an agent!

The times they are a-changin’.

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Understanding what Your true value is, makes for powerful negotiating!  I  have no problem being considered a top class machine!

I’m not kidding about that agent either, I have at least seven young people who need the help and resources cashing in would bring!

So while my team and I do what we do best I need an agent to leverage that 3.5 million into assets for my  community! We’re actually  discussing adding a tech  creative agency management  to our lists at Tibiaetech Management.

We’re serious about Addressing need not simply disrupting for disruption (or investment) sake and that means resources and  Machinery… including teh human kind so I’m  tapping  into my network of equally  qualified individuals. However  I find that  getting them to understand their value is key… hence this post… What is Your value, what is your worth?

Yesterday I got an email that my Klout score had improved but now that creativity, research and  development is counted in the GDP values I’m a 3.5 Million “machine in the Fashion/creative Tech Industrial space… To hell with Klout! LOl

Moreso I can now counter some of the arrogance I meet from some developers (including my brother)! Look every aspect of the ecosystem is important! It takes more than code to create change!  It takes more than tweet, likes and pins to jumpstart the economy, It certainly takes more than an Ipad app, Yet we’re seeing  valuable funding going to projects such as these!


“Lady Gaga Writing A New Song Is Like A Factory Investing In A New Machine”

I’m going to be unbearable to be around except that I am still so focused on work that I  never get  time to really  engage in social either online via media (hence the low klout score) or offline networking with  the NYTech scene (which I love and support)!

I just wrote the following on a before I sat back and really digested it, this is significant..

I’m bringing $3,500000 of creative capital, blood sweat and tears and expertise to the Fashion Tech, Creative Evolution 3.0 table and now finally new rules will count it as an “investment” part of the GDP…

Again I’m ahead of the curve!

I’ve always asked the creatives I work with to value their creative collateral! So what does that mean… well at $50 an hour that’s $2,800,000 – $3,500000 (frankly my expertise is worth no less than $100 an hour but I’ll be humble LOL); Even at $30 an Hour that’s an investment of $1,680000 to $2100000!

So how did I come to those numbers

I’ve been exploring designing developing the program since 2003 averaging 16-20 hrs for an average of 350 days literally! 56000 -70000 hrs of creative capital, blood sweat and tears and now finally new rules will count it as an “investment” part of the GDP! Reading, resarching, brainstorming, testing refining, brainstorming day dreaming…

I came to this with By the time I started in 2003 I had 10 years experience in independent design, At 37 20 years selling my designs, A strong and eclectic background training, apprenticeship and experience in various creative skills, from cake decorating to textile design, Fashion , Accessory & leather design, Cobol & basic programming, retail and custom services. I even had creative advocacy experience lobied to change local laws, laid out a creative training program and run stores and even plannned an executed an international trade show… That’s worth at least $50 an hour!

“EXPERTS” finally realize they’ve been getting the GDP numbers wrong..,. That the time we sped researching and exploring or the time creatives spend daydreaming SHOULD Be counted… No they have not yet added the HOURS we spend on social Media… that may come in 10 to 20 years!

So what does it mean..
I need an Agent and I need to cash Out LoL

I do not bat an eye at saying I’m bringing $ 3 and 1/2 mill to the table with confidence. I know this program works, my concern now is ensuring that that investment does not die when I do… I’m focused on legacy, that it is is passed on to a new generation, It means that what I know needs to be placed into formats that makes it available so others can grow and expand on it! That I ensure it benefits the wider community and future generations!



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