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It’s the season  for transitions and we’re stepping  the game up as far as creating  a sustainable local supply chain for local cottage sectors globally.  What sets us apart is the process we  take our collective through. Tapping into our combined experience and expertise  in; -Tradition Fashion, Creative Cottage, Bespoke/Custom tailoring and emerging tech. The following is a report  published simultaneously on Brooklyn Fashion Week, Nyukco and our project leads Personal blog…  Between  Now and September 1oth 2015 this report in itself will evolve..


NYukCo  –  Many have been adapted NYukCo as components of NYukCo.
BKstyleCon BkStylecode
Stylecanvas 28 Squared
Brooklyn Fashion Gallery
BKFFF- Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival
ModeKompas Canvas line of templates is pre-startup Incubator project  out of NYukCo
​was created as a solution. Fashioning Change Locally & Impacting Lives Globally, NYuKCo serves the Creative Industries Exploring the  intersection of Fashion, Business and Technology  with the goal of incubating and accelerating  sustainable local fashion  and lifestyle businesses. It developed after  Last  years BKStylecon
B​A unique conference that evolved into a bootcamp.  This years conference will be virtual and feed of last  years events. (sign up to our newsletter  for more  info). We resume NYukCo in early September in the meantime we’re in transition seasonally. We’ll soon be moving from  from summer to to fall/holiday. as well as structurally  from Alpha 1 and 2 of our pre startup phase  to Alpha3.

​understand we ​ do not sell images​,​ we sell apparel. Within ​the local fashion sector man​y cater to several​ price points and clothing categories but  “Fashion” usually  refers to what’s popular with stylish fashion forward consumers. The business  of fashion is successfully executed when we can provide what the consumer needs or desires and what the designer​s​seeks to offer. The former means effective consumer profiling, interaction and development. ​The latter ​means addressing issues in the local fashion sector. We’ve worked hard in the last year testing various concepts and we are currently making the transition from testing theories to formatting procedures that works.

  • ​At the core design is about creativity and thus opportunities for challenges, inspiration stimulation exploration ​must exist
  • ​We needed to address the sourcing and supply of material, ​trim & ​accessories​, color, ​palettes and print
  • ​Technical design support and sampling services that ensure great fit is still very much an issue even for the local sector
  • Production & Manufacturing personnel, supplies and facilities
  • Access to experienced personnel with expertise in Merchandisingfor wholesale​,retail and direct  sales, online and offline
  • Fashion As “Conversation”, ​Navigating the complicated process in marketing, advertising and promotion across the ConversationPrism​
  • Navigating ​Shipping and Fulfillment, import, export and customer service solutions
  • the financing  funding and other resources to make it happen and 
  • ​Trade platforms & publications that help monitor and report on innovations & future trends affecting the  sector locally and globally
  • Business of Fashion | Fashion tech  ​|  ​Fashion Law ​
We’ve learned that a “Whol-istic and organic” approach is needed, and that a lean approach makes that paucible and “executable”.  Solutions were inspired by  need, fostered through  “testing” but become effective with  practice, adjustment and repetition – lather, rinse – repeat.  developing solutions take time.
A list of our present participants as well as their look books  will be updated shortly
We focus specifically on the creative cottage sector, however as a collective approach NYukCo is not  for everyone. Within our first two weeks we were reminded that  creative cottage is a broad term and included. Our first Participants
​The scope needed for fine tuning a concept to a final product service and merchandise means that novices are not an ideal fit  for the physical offline program. However they do benefit tremendously  from access and so a virtual program will be tested this  fall after repeated request. Alpha 3 is dedicated to structuring participation details. participant  have thus far all opted in understanding that the program will shift and  we really do need to thank them for their willingness to help solve longstanding issues. When we opened our doors we had the  pleasure of directly  engaging our community and realized that  for many we were the only  source for information. We soon realized that  our potential  cohort pool  included
  • ​Novices, Emerging and Masters  Designers crafters and artisans ​
  • Local Participants – Alpha 1 | Alpha 2 | Please contact us to participate in Alpha 3
  • ​Alpha Access to ​Virtual Participants ​
  • Heritage 
  • Paint-A-Line™ Draw-A-Line™ Brooklyn Has a wealth or artistic talent, visual artist many of whom are not 
  • Full time Entrepreneurs
  • Part Time Entrepreneurs and
  • ​Hobbyist – accommodating – Professional in other fields who still create high quality items but  are not interested in managing the business of it’s sale ​as per request we will shift www.​ to a manged sales outlet for these
  • Those who simply want access to resources without  participation
  • Vested Interest Partners and Sponsors​
  • Fashion Interns Apprentices and Angel – round off the full scope of “WHO’ is involved


​- Each component was developed as need arose.  ​While we’ve laid out  a general outline. it should be noted that each  addresses specific challenges and their solution. The  full scope is reserved for participants. What sets us apart is the process we  take our collective through. Tapping into our combines experience and expertise  in Tradition Fashion, Creative cottage, bespoke/custom tailoring and emerging tech. Alpha 3 we will focus on streamlining the processes.
  • Pop Up Lab Part boutique, part pop-up shop, part lab, its a physical space that facilitates live interactions between businesses and consumers. Weekly Saturdays 1-5
  • FashionTech Makers Studio A hands on exploration of fashion, tech, and fashion tech, topics as they relate to creative, business, presentation and sale in both the online and digital platforms  weekly 10:30 am –1pm
  • ​#​SocialCommerce Social commerce -​ ​We’ve seen in recent months an emergence of a new type of entrepreneur a person whose daily selfies are soft sells for products to their social media following. Essentially they are engaging in Socialcommerce. They wear these items or pull a “look” together and leverage their carefully developed social collateral. Hence Socialcommerce model. Our designers and stylist encourage consumer engagement, having real  customers ​styled and committing that  to various  media formats video, photo, with the  intent  of sharing via social media. We plan to seasonally  bring in  guest  ​curators, stylist ​photographers, blogger and models to add their unique voice to the local style conversation
  • Video Enabled Sales
    ​ our goal is to have our video enabled solution functional by Fall/holiday 2015 ​
  • ​Platform Designers across the globe want access to local shoppers. ​Brooklyn provide access to NY​C Fashion in general and the a​n​d the
    powerful Brooklyn branding particular. ​However Brooklyn Designers also want  access to th global community  when they travel. Platform​ is presented by the  team at NYukCo in conjunction with, Bklyn.Tv and
  • Bridge is a component through which we seek to integrate local creative cottage into NY vibrant tech and business circuit.
  • BYT3- A Sourcing Initiative target date ​- early 2016
  •  Cottage  Production – Training –  One of the few component  untested on a larger scale is a training  program ​that  would create a skilled local production  sector. We’ve laid out a plan and will pursue development  during Alpha 3

We serve a sector that  does not have access to ​traditional funding, nor press. As such the ability to  speak – communicate will be our next  focus.

​Improving  communication  between Stakeholders and vested interest parties

  • Newsletter | ​Shopping Tips​​
  • ​NYukCo ​Trade Calendar​​
  • ​BKStylust – consumer focused calendar of events to attend and where to wear ​
  • ​Shop 2 Support​ pre sale self funding initiative

  • ​Concierge Desk​ | Contact  Making it  easier to find info



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