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Umoja 2014- Embracing the principle of UNITY

Unity – The state of being united or joined as a whole …  the quality or state of not being multiple : oneness –
If I am to be honest, which is the first step to moving  forward, I will admit am experiencing  challenges with this within the black community.  I love diversity and thinks its a strength. However  it is nt always appreciated. On the one hand my desire is to be supportive, on the other I do not agree with many of the methods I see being adopted. I can accept that even if I am vehemently against some of them in principle. I respect the right of others to reach their own belief.  My challenge is the underlying, unspoken mandate that there is one way to be black.  Thinking outside of that “predefined” boundary is often despised and looked at  suspiciously. I am sure their are thinkers, dreamers, many  who dare, but I suspect they  too have been silenced.

My intense  inner disagreement with  manyprinciples have me silent, but present  at one end and distancing myself at the other. I can respect that others make different choices. I simply detest that  I am expected to adopt these viewpoints.  I resent  when  others try to define how I think and speak… especially when it feel that these “expectation ” impose boundaries on growth.  So how does one do “unity”, when you rae not equally yolked.

Unity – Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster …


Full Definition of UNITY. 1 a : the quality or state of not being multiple : oneness. b (1) : a definite amount taken as one or for which 1 is made to stand in calculation <in a table of natural sines the radius of the circle is regarded as unity>



Personal – Focusing on unity starts from  within. So the personal is taking centerstage. The goal is to be consistent in all areas. It often is expected that we “behave” in a certain manner where business is concerned and in another manner in personal lives.  I am a person  involved in business and so my values  and priciples  should carry through through in both. My Planned strategy

  • I’ve started looking at my values vs value as well as the virtues I value
  • Set goals that are about the WHOLE picture … In short  unify my  expectation for my  future…  not sure  how I  will do  so but wanting to travel permanently  needs to unite with running a company.  my personal spiritual journey needs to impact  my community and bsuienss relations!
  • in the first  quarter of 2015 redefine a mission and vision statement focused on “not being multiple”

Business –  I have slowly come to terms that a unified approach an ecosytem is needed to move forward. Over the last 11 years I’ve focused on one challenge at  a time. Learning , trouble shooting, designing , testing theories through practice.  Creating a formula that works but I’ve been hesitant to return to the concept of Tibiaetech without my  partner, who passed away. On teh other hand we did so much work that it would be a dishonor to hs efforts not to take this further.  I am already  redefining all the various concept into “product services and merchandise.”  However  I plan to revisit them as part of a unfied whole rather than completely separate entities.

Community –  I have been thinking that  try to become unfied with an  open community is not an option. It has stagnated my growth. My late partner was right and I need to embrace leadership and not be passive aggressive about it! So I  will seek to find like minded people  …  That means expressing and communicating  more clearly where I stand and what I believe. It means sharing and speaking, educating others, so they can formulate their own opinions, but understand and respect my  point of view even if they  disagree with it!


Digital –  Your principles values should extend to your digital strategy. My actions should be n accord with my offline activities. I started a couple years ago unifying my  online presense. it has cut down on  teh time I spend even as direct engagement is increased.  i recommend that everyone create a central digital “space” where others can engage with  them. I recommed a responsive, mobile accessible site…  not sure check your site on 

  1. This site  is a central location  that holds my digital Identity and collateral together. I am becoming  better at understanding how that works. organizing my multiple digital personas is the next crucial step.
  2. next  year 2015 – I will create a unified dashbord to my varios interest – brands – personnas. A sort of digital cncierge that will make it easy for visors.
  3. I discovered that  my contacts were not  “individual interest that shared one email”, but rather One person represented by  one or more  digital contact  points with a multitude of interest. My quest to unify and manage my  conact list is ongoing.

At the end of each of these, musings, posts,  I ususally find a revelation, that inspires and pushes me forward. –
it just daned on me that Unity is about strengthen myself, becoming whole so that I can be a better  person, asset, within  a collaboration, collective or community. I highly recommend it , How can unity  impact your life.

About KWANZAA 2014 Embracing the  principles in  Business, Community Personal and even Digital,  Practices ;- I take Kwanzaa as a time of self examinination to define & recommit  to my personal vales and principles as it relates to teh Pan African community;- 


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