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Upcycle your Jeans Workshop just in time for EarthDay NY

The times they are a-changin’.

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Jeans upcycle workshops [1]There upcycling , then there’s upcycling BKStyle . In TEhis EarthDay Ny  Workshop, choose two of the three projects to up-cycle them. Repair holes by filling them in with your own funky recycled fabrics and embroidery stitches. Or, recreate your favorite old jeans into something beautiful and useful, again. Make a very cool denim flower embellishments to applique to a jacket or use as a hair ornament, etc. Or make a super cool bag!

More Info

http://www.esaiecouturedesignschool.com/JeansUpCycleWorkshop.html [2]

Register &  FEe https://bookwhen.com/hcy28/201304211000/mkg

See http://Greenbkstyle.eventbrite.com for full program! and remember 10% off when you use code “BKStyle”

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