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Social Commerce One Day we’ll Shop from Videos – Literally

The times they are a-changin’.

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When I tell the designers that together we can create a shopping network for independent  fashion videos… it’s hard for them to conceive. Which is why I  put this video overlay together.  with we hope to reach a point where this is seamless and effortless for mom and pop or independent Creative Businesses.

Getting the designers at the point that they are read  to sell is a process I’ll detail in another post! Getting the consumer to shop effortlessly is another challenge but to quote one of my favorite TEd X talks, the only way  you get to fly at  mac

Warning This should not be viewed on the  Job!

One day the experience will be smoothe and perfect, till then it’s about brave souls thinking outside the box, testing erring and then trying again. Last year I began encouraging local independent designers explore Film/Video as  a means of marketing.  I’m about to make a new call so these video came in handy! Watch  the entire playlist (at end of post) and you realize a consistent “personality” . These videos are true to the Brands identity.

It’s hard to imagine local independents doing this. The quality is excellent… but we’re in Brooklyn New York finding a wealth of talent and skilled video help is as easy as heading  to the local lounge (literally) music, call or partner with a friend as one designer did!

Here is a company whose video not only made me a fan but convinced me they were worth sharing!  The first clip was the perfect example of a SHORT story!  Less than 3 minute long it had drama, suspense, mystery and comedy!   I honestly had never heard of this line and thought that Agent Provacateur was an ad or modeling agency.

Here is a video I put together using  www.Klickable.Tv ( please note that  Klickable has been  a sponsor in our past.

Maximizing your videos


Post credit and a link back to the site in notes,  and at the end of video …  many  are designing this video for their own  customer and forget that the customer will share, the video not necessarily the page it is embedded in!  For convenience Use a Qr code… or a Short  URL…

Understanding and thus using new technology

Film/Video is simply the medium… Thet can be used for entertainment or for marketing!  If you are going to market then  MARKET! allows

  • Try  using  a Qr code… or a Short  URL… to connect viewers to the  catalogue remember this should also be mobile accessible on a tablet of smartphone! (klickable at present is not html 5)
  • Viral.. Crowd source..  Challenge others to “Show your true self”  creating  their own ad in … and offer something  tangible to the winner based on votes!
  • Connected.. . connected TV as explained by Samsung  uses technology that connects the video (at specific point) to other digital devices and extends the experience… so the  viewer could use a virtual fitting room to try on the lingerie and share(?) with  friends!
  • Social Tv- encourages users to share. Writers and bloggers to curate and  show their  unique context!
  • Add an Incentive— and offer an incentive.
i’ll be writing more on this but for now that theory will become a reality once all the aspects line up. Till then back to the  STORY and why it sells!
Back to the videos

Stories have a beginning, middle and an end…  Lead with the “Why” end with the “What”.

Why would they respond?

Really effective marketing should anticipate the viewer’s response and guide them  from start to finish!  So why did I click the dress was gorgeous. Had I seen another clip I may not have responded!  I would have misread the content!

Planning your video story

So what kit was kept my attention I wanted to know… curiosity and by the time I found out  it  was

Simple; the video was entertaining!  So for over two minutes I was glued… fortunately I  was on You tube what made me click for more was the name of the account holder.  Had I encountered this off site say on Facebook or another social network I would have enjoyed it and moved on.   I had no idea what they did till I click to see their account!


What do you want the customer to do at the end of the Video

It’s where Fashion Films fall short …  It’s where most marketing fall short. At the end of the video I had to ask myself cool but what am I supposed to do now… Over 300000 views and I can guarantee they did extract the full potential of the time, thought and money invested!  They may have a strong site membership and were focused on delivering to their customers! What of Inbound marketing extracting the  value from viral  potential of their marketing content and bringing

See the original version below I’ve pulled together a Playlist of their videos! Without the ability to shop it is one hour’s worth of entertainment!



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