How TO Waterproof Fabric and canvass

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The fall is here and here is a great  DIY recipe for creating water repellant  Cotton, Leather, Wood, Metal, etc #Surfacedesign #waterproffing

16oz (1LB) of Beeswax,
8oz Turpentine,
And 8oz boiled Linseed oil or (neatsoil (cattle oil))
Mason jars or metal  container..
muffin tin (for bars)
First melt the Beeswax first completely, (stirring all the time, and keeping on the heat). This is highly Flammable so please use double-broiler.
Add the boiled Linseed, stirring at the same time, then add the Turpentine, stirring in and kept on the heat low, keep stirring until you see it slightly starting to smoke, take off the heat and let it cool to a point where you can poor it in the container that you have ready, it will set just like butter, make sure you use the right amount of ingredients

For leather replace the linseed oil with neatsoil (cattle oil). It works wonders on leather goods
NOTE – Once the linseed oil catalyzes it’s actually more fire resistant. Keep it mind linseed oil creates heat as it oxidizes, always let rags and treated items hang to finish curing for a couple days. (the process will be permanently cured) note Linseed oil rags have been known to spontaneously combust in the drying stage.

Wash in cold, dry on low in an old pillowcase or old t-shirt tied up at the end.

Gift  ideas- make bars using  muffin tins.
Apply  by  rubbing  solid wax bars over fabric softening with a hair dryer.  The application is slower because as you apply and heat in stages but this allows for  control of how much wax you allow to  soak in.

DIY waterproofing
Highly Flammable
use double-broiler if available



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