We need an @nascar approach to local #fashiontech #arttech #creativetech strategy- part 1

The times they are a-changin’.

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 behind the scenesThe need to raise awareness understanding and add to the “perception of value is a topic that needs further explanation.  I’ve been thinking about the Global impact of  Nascar on  Local stock car racing as a model for  local creatives. Discussions with and among  independent creatives show they  are either not “benefitting” or showing poor returns on their time investments using methods and tools within the #Fashiontech, #Arttech, #Creativetech arena. It’s time to speakup and inform those who seek to support. The problem though is not purely a technical one as much as an industrial one.
Nascar make what is a gritty grimy dangerous and gruelling livelihood seem sexy. More-so it leverages the collective power of a sector into one of the hottest  marketing  commodities today  and in the process serves the need of a community  of passionate individuals who  give their lives for  what they love.
So you have tech for  the local creative but which  market are you actually servicing and what are their needs. Many speak about  the “local creative sector” and servicing their needs’ However it is NOT  a one size fits all solution. To further complicate matters few of these professionals make a conscious decision to specialize in any one area. They further complicate their own functionality by operating in more than one and often all areas. Jack of all trades master of none, especially  when one has no training.
  1. The indie designer who sells their own designed and manufactured label 
  2. The local designer that supplies local boutiques globally
  3. The local boutique that brings independent global designers local
  4. The  local custom/bespoke designer
  5. The local branded  market T- shirt label, accessory/home and jewelry designers that customize pre-made  ‘Blanks’
  6. Makers artist and crafters
  7. Freelancers & Service professionals who work with both local and traditional  labels
  8. The local creative training sector.
Then each has a series of  “needs”
  • Sourcing
  • Record keeping, Curating & Archiving
  • Trending
  • Data analysis
  • Designing
  • Sizing
  • Pattern making
  • Surface design
  • Trim & notion design & production
  • Accessory design and productions
  • Storytelling
  • Teaching/learning
  • Creative development
  • Entrepreneurial training
  • Marketing
  • Sales – social commerce
  • Distribution
  • Delivery
  • Office task
  • Space- Design- Production- Showroom- retail wholesale
  • Revenue Costing Pricing Funding
  • Customer care
  • Product care

Very few of these are being tackled and those that are may be outside the context relevant to one of three constituents.

  • Consumer
  • Industry Professionals
  • B2B service providers

Even then the needs of mass market may differ from the needs of the Luxury market , may differ from that of Local Global economies…

That also does not address the fact that the value of “Fashion” can be apparel

  • As Clothing
  • As Show
  • As Entertainment
  • As Tool (health, fitness, and even religion )WEARABLES
  • As Art Canvas
  • In 2D, 3D, Digital, mobile, connected, cloud mobile format

A complex scenario to  navigate and put into  context. In the mean time we need to ensure that  the next  three months are  extremely  profitable.  The 4th quarter starts October 1st, It is a Crucial time and The Independent sector needs to maximize sales. Hence collective awareness and support need to be raised. Many are in a dire situation. Designers today are making less as a sector than they did 15 years ago. There is a lot that can be done collectively. The good news is that those who take a stance to make a change are seeing success.

While the September 30th Brooklyn  meeting  started  the  discussion,  there is  alot to do.  In Part two I  look  at how such an approach can be achieved. Sign up for our newsletter (see right side panel)  or become a member.

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