Wardrobe Fit Assessment

The times they are a-changin’.

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Should I keep this? – Can  your friends really  answer this question for you! Actually sometimes even the local alterations specialist or stylist  will have the training . Then again  very body  is different and so too is their aesthetic, their sense of what is beautiful!  there are some basic questions,

Does it  accentuate or detract  from your overall aesthetic?
Does it fit into your lifestyle?
Does it work with the rest of your wardrobe?
Does this item Fit  you well?
Why is it not “comfortable”
What  alterations can you make to improve…
But  FIT… how a garment relates on a body  is an actual issue.  I’ve fitted women from all walks of life for  almost 30 years!  Balancing what is great technical design with practical assessment of comfort and aesthetics…  now I can offer this virtually! I’m also training others to do so! During Wardrobe Fit Assessments, you decide what  can be kept, what needs altering or reinventing.  It’s also great  for DIY  sewers needing fit and alteration advice.  You’d be amazed the difference professional guidance makes.  On appointment you’l be given  prep instructions that help maximize the time.



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