What would you STILL do if you were certain you would first fail!

The times they are a-changin’.

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Tubetique is an idea born out of trial … When I first  told a fellow designer that  I wanted to use video technology to sell  fashion  he sneered and declared that “it would never  happen”!  That was 2006 last  year we started exploring video  for other creative outlets!

I believ that we can  bring the  Boutique  shopping  experience online and the  only way to do  so is to do it!

Take a look at the video.. from ted talks

TED Talks “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” asks Regina Dugan, then director of DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve watched this video…

You can’t  learn to fly at mach 20 unless you fly..

You can’t  learn to run a boutique online  unless you  run a boutique online

I miss the boutique atmosphere,  shopping online is a far cry  from that experience!

Not everyone sells successfully  within  the  boutique … even offline! Even within the same layout  and same product  range.. I’ve seen it time after time! Sales is fueled by the  person selling.. that inate human  connection makes the experience of boutique shopping  unique!

I’ve been trying to  bring a platform to facilitate that online –

  •  2006 we asked designers for their videos… realization runway  footage did not do it
  • 2007 realized that designers were not set up to sell online explored existing ecommerce platforms
  • 2008 Victor Arnez  at BCAT help us realize simple taping of fashion-  instinctively  we wanted to move away from “Show” and engage consumers
  • added off line marketing 5000 fliers 3000 unique views 85000 page hits… designer had  no  production…
  • 2009 Thanks to Stratosphere studios we learned that  “professional cameras required TOO much  bandwidth for streaming to consumers
  • 2010 Summer spent  exploring streaming  stream via a Macbook at  adequate quality  using Ustream… problem  poor archive quality! Discovered practical lighting and addressed latency by  addressing models movement! Still no  sales or marketing  collateral from designers!
    • Thanks to a “Google Alert” discovered techniques in  “porn” industry  that  shed light on “engagement”  and  introduced the concept of tele-presence
    • 2011 Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival  designers were asked to pull together a fashion film and sales collateral … small test proved that this would result placement in  boutiques … also  shed lack on designer unpreparedness for sale in general!
    • lost offer for marketing distribution  we’re still waiting on sales and product  description from designers!

    We learned when we did… without the fanfare and hype we collected vital data and information!

    This year Digital fashion shows launched to press and Buyers during NY  Fashion Week…   Business of Fashion cited

    “Digital Fashion Shows is an innovative new platform that presents online-only runway shows. The collection will have been pre-shot and pre-taped. This platform provides all the materials — show video, images, beauty, run of show — that fashion editors, writers and retailers need to review, cover or potentially buy a collection.”

    So familiar…

    Few realized That  through it all I  expected “obstacles”‘. to get  past  challenges … to  plug the  holes you have to  find them , you  only do so “in Flight” . The Technology  is the easy aspect to address! Each test allowed us to gather data not just on the technology but also the  designers and their preparedness!

    professional designers expect to deliver

    ‘access detail shots of fabrics, prints and accessories, as well as behind the scenes video content, designer inspiration and other downloadable and embeddable assets geared at industry professionals.”

    local designers had a serious problem  with this…  The ability to shop designers  in their studios across the world- is so exciting! Especially the  slant we’re hoping to  pull off! It  was not easy.

    We persevered and last year held the www.BrooklynfashionFilmfestival.com on a small scale testing  with local designers, buyers and consumers!  Even before larger well funded projects.. why  $100000- $200000 (estimated for such a platform is outside the scope of our individual target audience. to  facilitate teh local  industry  designers will need to work TOHGETHER

    What  would you  Still do  Even if  you knew at  first you would fail…

    We have a lot of work to do but we see the vision, have worked out the details  and  we’re prepping to launch Tubetique .. a solution that would expands the marketplace and redefine how the local independent  designers shows and sell!

    To do this we’re establishing  tech  company whose sole purpose will be to facilitate  access to  technology ,  funding and  resources for local Entrepreneurs seeking to establish  Startups!

    Well … You can’t  learn to run a boutique online  unless you  run a boutique online!

    Have an idea and need support  funding resources… drop us a line





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