What’s Faith Got To Do with IT

The times they are a-changin’.

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Happy kwanzaaEntrepreneur need to have FAITH!

I cannot lie; It is getting harder ” To believe with all our heart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders, and the righteousness and victory of our struggle”.  It’s getting harder to have faith-  I won’t go into details on some of the discoveries I’ve made, suffice it to say the next time we complain  we need to take a good look in the  mirror!

Imani (Faith): To believe with all our heart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders, and the righteousness and victory of our struggle…

More surprising is the endless ways people justify actions! How they change the actual  stories to suit their needs! It may be getting harder, it is not impossible! Let us use the holidays to reflect and direct our dealings in 2013!

Reflections on Kwanzaa

The following was written in Dec 2009 and published on other blogs.  It was part of a series addressing culture, creativity, community  collaboration and commerce and the adaptation, adopting and integration of new media and web 2.0!  Observations are solely my own personal views and assessment and I welcome any opportunities to convince me otherwise! Be warned many of the original links ma y not function!

What’s Faith Got To Do with IT- 2010- This was the last of the Kwanzaa musings  wrap it up later this week with, what does this have to To It IT (technology) check out the others

Imani (Faith): To believe with all our heart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders, and the righteousness and victory of our struggle. As I read new Years greetings It struck me:- It has been a long time since I have seen so many people so genuinely hopeful! How fitting that this principle is observed at the dawn of a new year and in this instance a new decade! I once heard I believe it was Les Brown say of Faith:-

Faith is stepping off the cliff believing you’ll grow wings on your way down!

That is a powerful statement, stepping forward not knowing if the ground below is solid and cushioned or hard and jagged. Simply believing that you will have the will to safely guide your landing or swerve and avoid disaster! Faith is an act! Faith affects how we act! On a personal level faith is the engine that propels a lot of what I do and I do a lot! In a recent interview I was asked, “what are you afraid of?”, “what do you fear?” “Afraid”, “Fear”, I have not used those words in six years…. That is not to say there have not been challenges! When I undertake a project I am very aware of the pros and cons. The fact is that I believe that what is to be will be. I take precautions and yes careful notes! The next time around I tackle those things that could not be done the first time! Each project is an opportunity to learn… Each obstacle an opportunity for change! More importantly each time we undertook a project we helped a community artist or business! Only Two artist have asked how they can help and how I can afford this! This Has Been Totally Unfunded! The truth is that we practice the principles of culture! We do not wait till the end of the year to utter and call them “phases’! Living the principles of Faith is a 24/7 process 365(6) days a year! First of all nothing is free and many have come and accepted the help without  asking how is this possible! At Mobile camp someone from one of the largest online recruitment services asked ..  “How do you make this happen…? How can a little project in Brooklyn tests and sit in on discussions that large companies are challenged by’.” How can we… COMMUNITY! Yes there is a ‘we’, I am an instigator, but this has been a community project that is made possible by community! First of all the models; a group of young women who stepped forward, beginning in 2000,  now each has or runs, community projects of their own or helping individual businesses, Stacia, Solo, Nnenko, Tasha, Kellie, Tacha, Max and her sisters, Draysia, to name a few. Many of the images designers use will not be possible but for these ladies or the photographers, Collin, Chris, Lem, Darryl… on behalf of the local  designers…Thank you! It is Faith that allows me to call on local Businesses to help… Phil from Streets of New York and www.NYRealt411.Com , Atim and her partner from www.calabarimports.com, and www.Calabarmag.com! Moshood Ms Selma www.4wcircle.org Glen from www.DeluxHairGallery.com .  Community Leaders  Horace L Morancie and Ms Alma Carrol and Skip Rosebaum! It is with their help that I have been able to access and utilize many of the facilities and services that exist! Then there are my cohorts Barbara from Sohe Designs, Tacha, Fabian  Who would be there whatever crazy scheme I cooked up to test new technology and challenge theories! If I act as though I expect their support, I did, and do; faith tells me that the right people will pull through! Faith allows me to speak up when transgressed and apologize when I offend! BTW if I have offended you, I am sorry! There have been hundreds of artist and designers who I have had the pleasure of working with and discussing, the issues, Will From www.tbaclothing.com , Carla  , Bweela , Michi and Earth! I have known they would pull through despite grumblings or hesitancy. I have faith in them not just as designers but as members of a community! I also understand and expect that designers will each find their niche and in turn affect their community like many have! So whenever I can I willingly share  the news of what others are doing! Sue mission of art, yarn and her domestic violence program, Temitayo’s work in her local community and Ngozi’s events with other artist! They’re just a few and please do not get offended if I did not mention you I only have bit so much space! If you’d like to share what you do contact me via this form with  your email details! Has my Faith been tested… yes, countless times! Faith does not guarantee the result you want but rather the result you need! Sometimes we’re so focused on what we want, we fail to see the message right in front of us! When I decided that a fashion and technology “unconference” was needed I had nothing but faith! At BarcampNYC, Jonathan Berger stepped forward Tony from NWC stepped forward  as did several others,  by September We had a two day event at NYC ITP department! Faith moves mountains, Opens doors and solves problems! This year The FashionCamp community is spreading from NY, with FashionCamp LA led by Macala! Faith has a way of expanding your circle, Faith attracts faith! The Barcamp Methodology is a model of Faith that who ever is to be, their will be there.  It is a belief system that has spawned thousands of  gatherings exposing thousands more to technology at a fraction of the cost! There is no harm in emulating that type of Faith! Someone once saw Will, Moshood, myself and another designers simply hanging…  you guys “Hang” yes we know each other and enjoy each others company! The reason  you don’t often “see’ us together is simple . We’re really very busy! Each local business is an active part of their community, their Church, school-board and support, local businesses, churches, school-boards! Faith in Community is the common thread that binds us! It is why you will see our businesses in the community, despite the many drawbacks and challenges! If Nothing Else this community HAS FAITH black redress google group‘ I’ve been laid back in pursuing Black Redress… aiming for a June event but as I was reminded that the proclamation came into effect on January 1st 1863 but  that many were not told till June 19th … I plan to celebrate and honor their memory from January 1st to  June 19th! Join our Google Plus community  Submit info on local black makers, crafters, artist designer in your area of African Descent … across the Globe



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