What’s your Why?

The times they are a-changin’.

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Yes, “Your Why” This is important because  it will help  Mom and Pop Creative entrepreneurs leverage technology to  feed themselves and their family.
Most  can  answer their “what”, a few their “How”  but seldom can they pinpoint their “why”.

Samuel Pierpoint Langleypoints out  in this Ted talk that  the most  common reasons people give for failure is that they were, “under-capitalized”, the “wrong people” or “bad market  condition”. Centering on your Why  drives support and success!!

Why does your organization exist and why should anyone care…
What is  your WHY?

I always ask , creatives going into Business, ‘what’s your “why”.

You’d be surprised at how many are stumped… they get into business because they are “Great” and do not need to “work for the man”

What is the value to the consumer.

I’m in this business
1) To help creatives feed themselves and their family
2) To ensure consumers of local products get the best possible product and experience
3) I am in this business to help my colleagues streamline and cut cost and save time by helping them understand the technology
4) Technology is great but It needs to be adapted to suit the needs and how people really use it

Whenever I feel overwhelmed I often  remember his reference to Orvile and Wilbur Wright who  were driven by a purpose and a dream and that

 The people who believe will work with blood sweat and tears.



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