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The times they are a-changin’.

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why bsGood vs Bad… A creative industrialist , has several  constituents, including  colleagues,  customers, B2B clients, B2C clients and consumers of those B2C Clients. There is no rule that demands they be “nice”, that is simply common courtesy  extended to others. An entitlement to their contacts, knowledge and time is a disrespect to their  person.

I  explore the realm of “mom & pop Creative in a digital age. On this blog  I try to address issues from that perspective. Lately  I’ve had to  be more selective in responding to  request.  This has not met with favor from  some … “WHY” or  more accurately  “Why Not?” and in some instances I’ve felt  guilty. Time is limited and some request  simply were not inline with my  professional or personal beliefs.How  do  you handle a request  to help a creative, who as been  rude and arrogant.  With increasing demands on my time how do you handle request  when creatives refuse to furnish their info or play games.  Time is limited. my time is limited.

I will not waste  the time of others by referring such… yet this is the nature of the niche. Many  are so arrogant they refuse to acknowledge that at some time they  will need others. Not  showing up, when promised, often without any  warning.  Not reading their business correspondence. not having their sales and marketing  collateral on the ready.

I now simply  choose not to accommodate such.

It  is more difficult  when it  comes to  those who are supportive of me but their request at the core goes against my  values. after come debate i opted to be honest.

“I’m sorry,”  I wrote to one colleague, “I  support  you  but I  do not  support  “fashion shows”. To another  “This event has many  issues I  question about their deficiency and even  “how’ the money  raised is used,  I cannot  support this. They actually  are understanding.  Those were the simple clear cut choices.  Support the  Individual to whatever extent I can.

I chose to explore this site  from the perspective of a local business person. What are their need, their options. what functionality  do they need… and now what responsibility do they have. Where and when  do you state those tough  values.

First up  I realized I had to  establish a clear cut value system  and policy  for myself and inform other of them. This will need to coincide with my  business and professional goals. I for example,  love connecting  individuals, I  do not yet  run a referral service, introductions are not  a business service. In an evolving look at serving this marketplace the  question is where and how do you handle this.  In  small local shops you see cute signs posted. what  would that look like online

I created “The BADASSE LIST” so that others can add their contact info to be shared…
I also decided to add a FAQS  Section to organize answers to questions.  I will address these … as need arises.



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