Why Should I Buy Your- Product, Service Merchandise.

The times they are a-changin’.

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Designers you need to let others sell for you , you cannot  do it all… if you are sitting at  a booth you are not producing.

The questions I ask when I look at post across social media is

  • Tell me WHY SHOULD I BUY This Item…
  • Who do I know will this item suit…
  • What sets this Item apart from  others
I have looked at some of the sites and post on  social media  and frankly… how do they sell!
 When I share images,  I  often do not have the info that is needed to sell an item/s!
Many do not  understand how to streamline … and DELEGATE so they try to do it all.
  • Design is One  full time Job
  • Production Is another 
  • Marketing and then 
  • Sales 

You only have 24 Hrs and at sometime you need to sleep

  • Collaborate
  • Distribute
Drop Shipping As an Option..
When drop shipping, you let others sell… so you can  concentrate on  making and delivering…  while they market,push and do the social media lifting. but you will need to give them the  info to sell. including Why  someone would want to buy this item…
It’s not complicated…  I  often ask makers to start with the why…. 
WHY SHOULD ANYONE BUY THIS- product , service merchandise?  Who could make great  use of this?

You’d be surprised how many cannot answer that  question! It starts with the product and what  you  sell the customer about the product!


The Garment in the above image

  • will suit a number of figure type
  • It  can be style in Various ways
  • worn for various occasions
  • it is an attention Grabber
  • conversation starter
  • may be influenced by a piece of art  at the least
  • It is an interesting take on the color blocking trend

there are other options it could;- employ  local artisans, is locally produced, uses a new fabric or technique, supports a particular  cause…

We offer  product  workshops and line edits.  but there is also a need to

  • look at  price positioning… would YOU buy this
  • look at  images and offers … I’m  serious, get a collection editorial and simple clear shot even make a quick  product videos that  you can offer for media use!
Guide  to  Sales Collateral see 


ITEM NAME (product ID)

Style And Editorial Notes 


Refund return policy! 

Tips for added sales… .. 

  • Tell me WHY SHOULD I BUY This Item 
  • Please do NOT  compete against yourself… by offering this on your site at the same time..
  • Why  would they respond to this offer. for offers exclusive to this campaign
  • Share the news


Not In NYC or city of offer… 
Please check you shipping  deadlines and add a week…
Please check you latest rates
Why  does the link not lead back to my  site…  well it depends on arrangement… do you put your sources on your garments! I have always left  links …  and many  have found you  and come directly to  you.  But  in some cases,  Site owners may need to track  who shares and how…



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