The times they are a-changin’.

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The story behind this video

This actual video was shot during a logistics test for the use of consumer electronics and technology by the local cottage industry. This video is a lead into a series of seminars and workshops I conduct on the “Joy of Making, Creating or Doing’. Extracting value for what you do, and more specifically” How to use technology to earn a living from your passion.”

While this highlights the making of the Hobo Handbag we can substitute any craft or passion into the equation.

What’s your THING – finding purpose and passion.

How can I make money from It – SKILL vs  Product- Services or Merchandise?

The ability to form clothing accesories and carrying  utensils from  wrapped or folded faric is a skill.  Cordinating this into “Fashion” is something we’ve develeoped and mastered… We’ll be bring workshops and other events around this … BTW you can  sign up here to be notified of events and workshops on wrapping! Http://vip.bkfff.com

 Developing skill

You tube has a ton of “how To Video” however  expertise and creativity especially in developing product services and merchandise which you plan to sell for others, is usually developed over a period of time. There are slight ‘secrets’ tha t often are missed in these online videos.

Developing your skill into a workshop or seminar-Remember your “WHY”!
Design & Styling workshops that I developed are fun but through them I help participants explore drape & introduce elements and principles of design  and styling while learning about,  Surface Design options, Color,  Palette, Embellishment, Fabrics,  Finish, Merchandising, Silhouette &  Fit. It helps that it  saves them  money  in wardrobe styling!
Break it down into small steps,
Test it with a friend then a group of strangers, Participants help you  shape your presentations! next step is packaging for various  delivery methods!



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