Great Fit Start with Correct Measurements!

The times they are a-changin’.

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Most consumers do not know their correct body measurement. Fewer know how to use these in selecting clothing! Ladies what’s your full chest and under chest, what’s your waist, chest hip, your inseam! Measurement , one of the most  important bits of information in selecting  correct  sized clothing, is the bane of the fashion and apparel e-commerce sector.  current 3D fitting solutions do little more than simply  resting the  clothing over your body, and any woman will tell you that  never really works as an indicator of great fit!

Everyone should have their measurements!
You can use these along with  product specs online, or a tape measure in-store to better gauge a products fit!
Note you cannot measure yourself accurately!

  • Virtually hangout – I’ll guide you (and a friend) through  taking  correct measurements available via our Style Canvas (BONUS offer ONLY
  • You can DIY FREE (or head to the local tailor’s) – you’ll need a measurement tape, ruler, cording-{elastic, lacing, cords} and someone to help you so this is definitely something to pull a friend in on! Instructions available by April 2015
  • We’re developing  can Hangout on air for virtual measurement session subscribe to our newsletter 

The  measurement chart is key… I’ve seen online articles with incorrect or insufficient  measurement points. Front and back measurements are very important especially with women.  I’m developing a comprehensive form  by collaborating with  my  colleagues whose fit I respect!  we’ll have an online version soon!



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