The times they are a-changin’.

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I love designing pieces that travel well. That are multifunctional yet easy care! These three individual pieces can create or 2 or 3 piece sets together or separates that can be worn with other pieces in your wardrobe. The pants is also a jumper,  the top, can be worn various ways and is also a vest and Kaftan… what can I say, I”m the queen of versatile design.  If you are interested Inbox me. It cannot be repeated. The drape of this knit is sensuous the style flatters size 2- 32

This “Malibu Viking” blue and black pattern is available this weekend at a special price (till  January 22nd)  Teaser click video above. 
This print may have gone but feel free to contact me, to see our latest offerings! 

Custom is Not Just About Customization

As a second generation custom clothier, I understand that "custom" is not merely about customizing an item to the consumer's unique measurements!  Custom is about privacy. It is about not having others see your treasure before you are ready to. It's about the experience.  Custom is a lifestyle choice, It is a wardrobe management system. 
Zabara is about the custom experience.

So what does that look like online?

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How do you add some degree of Privacy to the online buying experience

I love being a custom designer, It's about the experience for both the consumer and myself. No one knows what they have until they choose to wear it. Even the off the rack stuff is seen only by a few select clients! So how do you "gate" even within Social. I also believe video can really help the customer and improve the experience. Within my design process I open up my prototypes to  the very people who would be using it and build based on feedback! 




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