On January 28th 1962 A Movement Declaring  “Black is Beautiful” began when AJASS led by teh Brathwaite brothers, staged “Naturally ’62 ”! They envisioned an  “ original African coiffure and fashion extravaganza,” featuring the Grandassa models, in natural African Hairstyles  dressed in Afrocentric inspired clothing by locals designer dressmakers and artisan!  They knew the backlash but … Continue reading


Open Profile PicsMy  profile pic have meaning! They tell about where I am in life!  This current pic is an ode to disco and  we launch our virtual workshop studios around this. Lingerie, Dancewear, swimwear, summer wear, evening wear… This halter has so many uses and options! My current cover pic focuses on the template we are … Continue reading

let the blue bottle tree from your Holiday 2020 ward of 2021 blues

Holiday 2020

I wish I can wrap a layer of protection around the world… and yes prayer and meditation seems like the only recourse but sometimes we need a representation of this concern! a note, a card a candle… or for some a talisman. For me its drawing its art, expressing what I feel on the inside … Continue reading

trade not aid - shop local to build local

Shop Local Globally to Support Local Families

Most small retailers make 60- 80% of their yearly sales between Black Friday and the day before Xmas! Many do so in local popup Events! With the present situation many are prevented from holding these! It has impacted their ability to sustain their families and support the wider communities! I am making an online venue, … Continue reading

match your perfectly red lipstick

Colored Styling

Folks often shop for  items based on a specific color need. I am a product developer, my vocation is deeply rooted in the custom design and wardrobing business. I’ve worked in different markets in that arena but ultimately it’s about delivering product and accessories from which a consumer can build their desired look. 1- Driven … Continue reading


For centuries women have used self-employment to gain independence for themselves and their families. As I explained in my contribution to ‘ The Community Book Project: Independence”, I am an advocate of independence through self-employment. You see “It’s easy to be independent when you’ve got money. But to be independent when you haven’t got a … Continue reading

Marketing Shapes Product – Product Shapes Marketing.

I’ve been getting a lot of calls for help. I am a part of a very creative, skilled, highly talented community.  While most folks, entering today’s market, cater to tech-savvy social influencers with an audience searching for something to sell, my audience has a lot to sell. They need to organize these into actual products … Continue reading


Showing & Sharing to Earn

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